From vegetarian to fish to meat


with tomato spring onions and gnocchi in cream, with a crunchy salad

with bread dumplings and bacon 19.80 €

with croquettes and pork schnitzel 24.80 €

with croquettes and pork fillet medallions 26.80 €

with croquettes and veal schnitzel 31.80 €

with croquettes and rump steak 33.80 €

18.80 €


Esser's beef casserole

with dumplings, vegetables and egg custard

6.80 €

Chanterelle cream

with its own studel

7.80 €



Roasted baguette with mozzarella, marinated tomatoes and basil

7.80 €

Ox Carpaccio

tomato vinaigrette, parmesan and Mediterranean vegetable tartare

11.80 €


Salad plate

Leaf salads, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, shredded carrots in red wine dressing, mozzarella, egg, baguette and dip

with pork steak 15.80 €

with rum steak 22.80 €

with fried wild salmon 23.80 €

with turkey steak 17.80 €

9.80 €


Atlantik cod

on pears, bean vegetables, mashed potatoes and bacon foam

24.80 €

gebackenes Rotbarschfilet

mit Kartoffel-Gurkensalat und Remoulade

21.80 €

Dough dreams and vegetarian dishes

Gnocchetti Sardi

with black salsify, peas, spinach, rocket in a smoky white wine sauce, parmesan and salad

mit Knoblauch-Garnelen 22.80 €

mit Kalbssteak 26.80 €

mit Rumpsteak 28.80 €

15.80 €


Original Viennese veal schnitzel

with capers, cranberries, fried potatoes and salad

25.80 €

From the grill & from the pan

Schnitzel with fresh mushrooms

cream sauce, fried potatoes and salad

19.50 €

Turkey breast steaks

with shallots and apples in red wine sauce, fried pineapple, croquettes and salad

19.50 €

House-style hussar meat - our classic!

with sliced beef, "spicy", onions & mushrooms, French fries & crispy salads

24.80 €

Broussia plate

veal steak, rump steak, pork fillet skewer, bacon, fried potatoes, mushroom and onion sauce and salad

26.80 €


on creamy pepper sauce, French fries and salad

27.80 €


Vanilla ice cream with morello cherries

hot cherries

mit Sahne 5.40 €

mit Eis 6.80 €

mit Eis und Sahne 7.50 €

Creme brulee

cold vanilla cream with a hot caramel crust and homemade chocolate rum ice cream

6.80 €